Horrible Bosses 2

SPOILER ALERT. If you haven’t seen the movie yet don’t read my review. Again major SPOILERS ahead!

When I judge whether I like a movie or a show I look first at the realisticness of the characters. Questions I ask my self are could I see this character existing? Is the character interesting? How do different characters play off each other and are they different enough for each character to have their niche? Are their background stories believable and deep or do they seem shallow and cliche? Does the movie keep the characters consistent through the movie in all the situations they deal with? Do the characters grow or change for the better or for worse? Is the plot interesting and not totally predictable, but not totally unpredictable?

Finally a really important question I ask my self is, does the movie have re-watch value or does it rely heavily on shock and surprise? Movies that rely too heavily on shock humor, or in horror movie shock filming are usually only good one time through. I these types of movies, I think they are cheap and uncreative. Yes the first person to ever use that style was creative, but I think that writers can use it as a crutch to try to make their audience feel something, but to me shock comedy or horror or thrillers seem cheap. Anyway, if the movie can be watched over and over again that’s a good sign that the writers and actors touched on something about the human condition that many of us can relate to. However, although it might be something common about the human condition, a good story also highlights a truth in creative and new light.

With that said I will begin my review of Horrible Bosses 2.

I was a little skeptical of seeing Horrible Bosses 2 after reading the 33% review it got on rotten tomatoes, (now it’s 27%). I loved Horrible Bosses 1 and didn’t want the second movie to ruin it for me, but I watched the trailer after reading the review and it looked funny so I decided to see the movie anyway despite the bad review.

I have to say I really liked the movie. I feel like the characters were not changed drastically since we saw them last. There were some growths in the characters. They quit their jobs and decide to go into business for themselves. I like that the writer did this instead of just having the gang deal with new annoying bosses. Yes the premise of the first movie is about horrible bosses, but I think the premise that they don’t want to work for horrible bosses is a good enough connection to the name and idea of the movie. I don’t understand why critics get so annoyed about the fact that the premise is a little different than the premise of the first movie.

I’m glad the writers decided to have them quit their jobs, it makes sense to me based on their characters. However, I think their decision to start a business around Charlie Day’s character’s idea of an all in one shower head called the Shower Buddy was just ok on the writers part. The shower buddy idea was pretty silly and the writers probably could have thought of something better. I don’t inherently dislike the idea just because it’s silly, but come on…do you think the other characters would really go along with that idea? It’s obvious that the writers were using the idea as a crutch just for the scene where Jason Sudeikis’s character demonstrates the shower buddy on the news and then there’s all the sexual innuendos by Charlie Day’s character when he attempts to fix the shower. I think that was whole scene was forced and that whole idea is hard to pull off because it’s been overdone. It just didn’t seem creative and seemed like a lazy cheap joke.

Another joke I didn’t really think was organic or funny was how the writers had the characters name their company “Nick Kurt Dale”. The joke is basically when their name are said fast it sounds racist. Once again the joke seems forced and not organic. It’s like the writers were trying too hard to make the name of the character’s company seem funny. I feel like they should have spent a little more time thinking about that aspect.

Aside from those issues in the beginning of the movie, I thought the movie became funnier as time went on.

I liked Chris Pine’s character, although he reminded me a little of the douche bag son of the Chemical company owner from the first movie, i.e. all the douch baggy stuff in his office that was very similar to the lay out of house of the Chemical Company guys son. However, that didn’t bother me too much. I thought Chris Pine’s character was different enough from that character. I also like the relationship between Chris Pine’s character and the son, while not totally new they pulled it off well.

While I’m not in love with the shower buddy idea, I do love how the writers had the characters blindly make 100,000 of the shower buddies and then of course get screwed over by the business man character. I love how the writers made sure Kevin Spacey’s character rubbed that in their faces. That was hilarious! Probably one of my favorite scenes.

In the following scene the characters try to figure out how to save their asses. I love how Charlie Day’s character wrote MURDER on the white board with permanent marker. Once again critics are like “are we supposed to think that’s funny?”…I just want to say (rolls eyes) take the stick out of your ass! There are some things that are, yes while not brilliant, but just silly little funny things. When done right silly little things can be funny. I can’t stand how critics thought that was a cheap stupid joke. I feel like that is something a normal person would do in a situation like that. Also, I think it’s pretty comical that Charlie Day’s character immediately messes up by writing incriminating evidence on the board in permanent marker. So kudos to the writers on that one.

Also, I like how they brought Jennifer Aniston’s character back into the mix. I like how Jason Bateman gets stuck in a sex addition anonymous meeting with her and pretends to be gay so he can sleep with her. Again critics complain about how crude and crass Jennifer Aniston’s character is…well yea that’s her character! I think the character is pretty entertaining. Also, I like that Jason Bateman seems to fall in love with Julia a little after they sleep together, it’s good growth for his character since he didn’t seem to have a sex life in the first movie.

Here are some more of my favorite scenes!

1. When Chris Pines character acts like a real douche to his maid and unknown to Pine’s character, the maid scratches her ass with his tooth brush and then his character uses that same tooth brush later. I loved that. I like that they reused that idea. I also like how the characters pass out in the closet, because Charlie Day’s character broke the laughing gas container. That was awesome.

2. I love how Jennifer Aniston’s character was pursuing Charlie Day’s character’s wife at the end of the movie. I thought that was pretty funny, I would not expect that from her character. However, the whole thing were Jennifer Aniston says she “Slept” with Charlie Day’s character when he’s unconscious is questionable. If the tables were turned and a man raped a woman when she was unconscious it wouldn’t be funny, so in that sense I think the joke is coming from a sexist place. I’m not gonna lie though…I laughed…I thought it was funny…but I probably should be slightly ashamed of that haha!

I think a lot of the critics reviews about this movie are pretty lame like, “the second movie doesn’t have horrible bosses in it” yea no duh but there are annoying business men… also the whole movie is about them not wanting to work for horrible bosses…makes sense to me and of course the second movie’s premise should be different than the first otherwise why make a second movie?

On another note, most of the reviews I read are from Rotten Tomatoes, and most of the time I believe they are pretty reliable. However, what bothers me about them is they seem to be excessively harsh on comedies. For example, Guardians of the Galaxy got a 90% of rotten tomatoes…I’m sorry but talk about shallow characters and using cliches to trigger emotions in the audience. Yea the main character’s mom dies in the movie…that’s the extent of any deep character development we get in that movie.

Also, on the Guardians of the Galaxy thing I know it was a comic book, and the writer had some good ideas, however I felt like the writer left them undeveloped and relied too heavily on cliches. It’s hard to explain, it just didn’t feel sincere when I was watching the movie (maybe it’s different in the comics). I apologize if I’m offending someone out there, it’s just annoying to me that a decent movie could get such a low rating and then Guardians of the Galaxy could get such an outstanding rating. (Sorry for the random venting about Rotten Tomatoes most of the time I like them…but really a 90% for Guardians of the Galaxy?!)

Overall I would say this was a good movie, not great, but good movie (I would rate it 7.5/10). The writers definitely could have spent a little more time one making some of the jokes more clever. However, I feel like the last 30 minutes makes the movie. I would definitely watch the movie again. Yea it wasn’t laugh out loud funny the whole time, but there were plenty of funny parts. For example, I love how Mother Fucker Jones stole the characters money at the end to buy 3 Pink Berries, that was awesome. Also, I just love when Kevin Spacey is EVIL!

<3 Kelly

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