My Pug Henry

Henry and his favorite monkey stuffed animal, around 8 weeks old.

Henry and his favorite monkey stuffed animal, around 8 weeks old.

Henry when I first got him, he was around 8 weeks old.

Henry when I first got him, he was around 8 weeks old.

Henry when he was 6 months old.

Henry when he was 6 months old.

I have always been obsessed with animals of all shapes and sizes. When I was little I would catch frogs, snakes, rabbits, frogs, toads, butterflies, birds, you name it I tried to catch it probably. Anything to do with animals I wanted books, stuffed animals, I watched animal planet whenever I wasn’t watching something funny. The animal I always wanted most of all though was a dog.

My mom did not want to get a dog because she thought I would not take care of it and she would wind up doing all the work and also she was a clean freak and didn’t like the idea of hair being all over the house. I would beg my mom whenever I saw a cute dog if one day we could have a dog. She would always say no.

My Dad knew how much I loved dogs and would take me to a place called the PUPPY BARN and we’d walk around looking and playing with the puppies, but we were never allowed to get one because my mom wouldn’t allow it. Those my dad paid for those puppy barn visits…I threw a lot of tantrums and cried my eyes out because mom wouldn’t let me have one.

Then one day after my mom’s mother got diagnosed with cancer and 9/11 my mom was all of a sudden open to the idea of getting a dog. She started researching breeds. At the time I was so excited, I didn’t care what breed of dog we got as long as it wasn’t one of those white fluffy dogs! I always disliked white fluffy dogs, for some reason they didn’t really seem like dogs to me but instead seemed like girly stuffed animals, (however since then I’ve met many cute adorable white fluffy dogs so I know that thoughts was an over generalization).
My mom decided we would get a pug.

I loved all dogs, and I thought pugs were pretty cute so I was very excited that my mom finally decided on a breed. Although ironically for her she decided on one of the worst shedding dogs ever, she thought she was picking a dog breed that didn’t shed much. How wrong she was!

I remember when my mom and dad were going to visit a breeder and possibly pick up our first dog how excited my brother and I were but especially me. We had already chosen BUSTER to be my dog’s name and all I had to do was go to school and come home and the puppy would be there. That day at school all I could think about what if Buster would be at home and turns out he was home that day.

Ever since that day, when I was 10 I’ve been in love with pugs. They are the best dog breed, they are humorous, playful, cuddly, and loving. Buster to me growing up was like a…”special”(mentally slow and overly hairy) brother. I loved him like a brother and when he died 3 years ago I was very depressed. I knew I could never replace him, but I knew that my life wasn’t whole without a pug. So I did my research and it took me a year to find the perfect breeder to get my new pug puppy from.

I named my pug puppy Henry, originally I was going to call him Hank for sort after Hank Hill from Kind of the Hill and was eventually planning on getting a female pug and naming her Peggy. When I first got Henry I wanted to start a youtube channel just for videos of him I haven’t done that yet but have collected many videos of him growing up. Right now he is 2.5 years old and is technically no longer a puppy however he definitely looks and acts like one still which I love.

I decided to give Henry a section in my blog, because he not only is an important part of my life but is an artistic inspiration for many of my children’s book ideas. My boyfriend and I have also created little comic strips inspired by Henry, which I will post in this section of the blog. I will also upload youtube videos of Henry onto my blog.

When I first got Henry, he was 8 weeks old. His personality wasn’t fully formed at the time and I was not sure if I made youtube videos for him like Max and Minnie the pug or Max the pug what his character would be like. However, as he got older I learned more about his personality and here are a list of his personality traits.

1. Outgoing, loves to mingle so don’t expect him to sit on your lap longer than 2 seconds if we’re having a party. There’s too many fish in the sea baby! If he was human he’d be the party type, extroverted, loves to go out and mingle couldn’t let one hoe slow him down type person.

2. Cunning, loves to figure out ways to destroy and eat all of the toys we give him.

3. Obsessed with food, like all pugs he lives for food.

4. Confident and trusting, because Jon and I socialized him well he thinks he’s pretty hot shit and that no other dogs will ever mess with him. I like to extrapolate that if he was human he’d be pretty cocky.

5. Loving, when it’s just Jon and I Henry loves to cuddle and lick us to death.

Some funny things to note about Henry he likes to get into our laundry basket and chew up my underwear…yes it’s so gross! He pretty much ruined all my underwear one day. However, it’s my fault for leaving my bedroom door open…which I rarely do now because of it…but seriously I think he might be pervert! Just kidding!

Anyway I hope you enjoy videos, pics, and posts about Henry as much as I do!


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