Just Peachy, My Movie Script

Just Peachy Edited

Hey Everyone!

This is an original movie script that I wrote.

Imagine Conan O’Brien reading the log line below hahaha!

Josh Peachy is a short, overweight, bearded, 38-year-old mama’s boy who lives with his overbearing parents in their trailer home. He works as a pizza delivery boy in his parent’s failing hole in the wall Italian restaurant “I Love Pizza”.
It has always been his parent’s dream for Josh to one day take over the family business…however real dream has always been to become a pilates instructor….


This was my first serious attempt at comedic writing. I’ve definitely gotten better since then. I do like the piece it’s quirky and I like the characters.

Here are some actors I imagined playing the different characters in my movie.

For Josh I imagine a Zach Galifainakis type.
For Josh’s Dad I was thinking Danny Devito or Jeffrey Tambor
Patricia no clue.
Kelly as Charlie Day
Vivian as Zooey Deschanel
Marg as Jane Lynch
Carlos as Thomas Lennon

Let me know what you think


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