Writing Goals

Recently I have been posting my spec scripts on Reddit as a way to get feedback.

Two things I’ve realized is that apparently I’m challenged when it comes to spelling and grammar…this I already knew. I believe part of the issue is when I’m writing I don’t let spelling and grammar restrict my creative flow. Most of the time I’m writing really fast, trying to keep up with the ideas in my mind (I have a neurotic fear that I will forget the train of thought I was on and ruin my whole script). However, I could do a better job editing. For example, I shouldn’t have to edit four times and still find mistakes, that’s just sloppy. I know the reason for it…I hate editing it’s boring. However,  I would like to professionally write someday so it’s time for me to get over it and correct the stupid mistakes I make every single time I write.

Some common mistakes of mine:

Than versus Then. I know the difference, but I spell phonetically so when I’m writing it’s a 50/50 chance which one I’ll put. When I go back and edit I change them to what they should be.

Their and They’re. Once again I know the difference but they sound the same.

Quite and Quit. I always thought the e after Quite was a silent “e” when I was little….yea that’s why I make that stupid mistake sometime.

Stair and Stare. Yes they sound the same and mean completely different things. Often I have to change lines like “she staired back at him” to “she stared back at him”. I grimace when I see this when I’m editing.

Another thing I do when I write is I leave words out sometimes. This again is the product of writing fast and not being able to keep up with your ideas and then also not editing properly.

I think part of the reason I have to edit multiple times is because I’m actually scared to see what I’ve written. Is this piece of work I thought was so great really a piece of shit? So neurotically when I’m editing it’s almost like I’m reading my work and quickly trying not to look it directly in the eye worried that what I spent a couple hours on to a day will be a piece of crap.

I came up with a solution to this problem after reading Stephen King’s book on writing. You have to wait about a month or so before editing your work, you have to be personally detached from it…that way when you go back to edit you can be more critical and harsh and not be afraid, as Stephen King would say “to kill your baby”. This is definitely helpful to me because after I first write something…I want that thing to survive, but if I wait a while and go back…I’m like what was I thinking take that out, correct that word blah, blah, blah.

The second thing I’ve realized is pacing seems to be a slight problem with me, although if you look at my writing in chronological order it seems to have gotten better from my first piece of work “Just Peachy”.

I’ve become more aware of my editing problems and sometimes sub-par pacing from comments on reddit, which has been really helpful.

Finally after reviewing my works posted after comments I have received I really like my Archer, Workaholics, and It’s Always Sunny Spec the best…I do feel I could do way better with my Bob’s Burgers spec so I’m going to rewrite it.

Also, I was planning to make another Archer Spec Script that takes place after my spec script episode (originally it was going to be a two part episode). It was so challenging writing that script and people seemed to like it a lot I want to see if I can make another script to equal or better quality.

As far as when I will get my spec scripts done…I try to write a spec script in a week that means be done with everything except editing. I think that’s a pretty good pace for someone writing by themselves and also having another job. I usually am antsy to get it out, but I’ll wait a couple days and allow myself a whole day to edit my new work… hopefully that will fix my editing problem….

Anyway just thoughts stay posted

<3 Kelly




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