Play it by Year Episode 1

Play it by Year Episode 1

When I was growing up I wanted to be a writer for SNL. As I got older I was exposed to other sketch comedy shows…currently two of my favorite shows are Portlandia and Key and Peele. If I was forced through torture (being forced to listen to Justin Timberlake’s “Not a Bad Thing” over and over again…)  to pick one I couldn’t.

Anyway, I decided to write my own sketch comedy scripts and combine styles and aspects of the different sketch comedy shows that I like. In the process I was hoping to develop my own artistic voice and create memorable characters.

One day I was trying to think of what to call Kevin and I’s sketch comedy idea when I told my mom “Oh I can’t figure it out now, I’ll just play it by year”.

“What did you say?” she said.

“Play it by year, I’ll just play it by year.” I said.

“It’s play it by ear.” she said.

Apparently the saying comes from playing music by ear…however, I always thought it meant let’s take things really, really, slow and it always annoyed the hell out of me. Whenever anyone said that I would protest, “No let’s just do it now!”…

It’s pretty common for me to make stupid mistakes like that (if you know anything about how I spell or have seen one of my pre-edited scripts you wouldn’t be surprised)…I told Kevin about it and sure enough he thought it was play it by year too..we’re both “special” in that we miss hear common sayings and make up stupid reasons why our sayings make more sense….and trust me there’s a lot more than just “Play it By Year”.

Anyway we decided that “Play it By Year” would be a great name for our show. Our show would focus on anything we wanted to comment on about the human condition much like Key and Peele (a show that makes my life !). There are both one time and reoccurring characters in our show like most sketch comedy shows.

Kevin and I collaborate on many of these skits and it has been a really fun experience. Currently, I have 14 episodes written 🙂

The first episode includes the following skits:

1. World’s Smallest Einstein Museum.

2. Mike’s Arts and Crafts

3. Addicted to Reading Part I

4. Typical Trader Joe’s Bullshit Guy

5. Quirky Couple I

6. Movement Impaired Teddy I

7. Dirt Farms I

If anyone is interested Kevin and I can explain how we came up with each skit idea and talk about the writing process 🙂

This summer we plan on filming ones that are doable with a poor artist’s budget….

Stay Tuned for more episodes.

<3 Kelly


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