Kim Jong Un Skit

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A couple of weeks ago when it was announced Sony wasn’t going to be releasing The Interview, I was pretty pissed…so I wrote a skit on Kim Jong Un.

I’m glad they decided to release The Interview, my boyfriend and I were planning on seeing it since we saw the first trailer for the movie. It looked hilarious and it was pretty upsetting to hear that our freedom of speech was being messed with by some psychotic dictator from a country he royally screwed over…also, I think it’s really annoying how a lot of people said “Who cares it’s just a Seth Rogen movie”. First off, Seth Rogen is funny…yea a lot of his comedy is toilet humor and is immature, but the stories are funny and I enjoy them…they’re not my favorite but seriously people all of a sudden everyone hates on Seth Rogen (rolls eyes). I really dislike how people hate on comedians in general and think they are lower than other performing artists (bullshit, bullshit, bullshit).

Second, even if it is just a silly Seth Rogen movie not producing something because someone in another country or even in this country finds it offensive is a dangerous choice to make…as Obama said what’s next documentaries?

Anyway I’m glad the right thing was done and the movie was released. I enjoyed it, it was funny, go Seth Rogen!

<3 Kelly

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