Play it By Year Episode 7

Play it By Year Episode 7

Skits included are :

1. Mariachi Band Part I ( These skits are one of my favorites in the whole collection…I came up with this while listening to “First Push” on the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack….the skit is supposed to be set to that song, if you listen to it imagine the skit from the Robber part on synched with the song after 15 seconds. I love how the song builds, that was my original inspiration and I wrote the rest of the skit after writing the ending)

2. CPR Sam Smiley (One of Kevin’s favs, I came up with this when I had to get my CPR cert renewed for my personal training certificate)

3. Dirt Farms Fungi

4. Dog Snobs Kitty (lol)

5. Dr. Doc Spoc Part I

6. Lovely Chocolate Messages (definitely think this one could use some work, if you think of anything funny let me know 🙂 )

7. Quirky Couple Caller I.D.

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